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From GraceVine publication August 2005


Look at the letters used as the heading for this article.  Do they mean anything to you?  You’ve seen them many times.  It’s the top row of letters on the standard typewriter.  It is known as the QWERTY configuration and was developed in the 1870’s.

Back then, Sholes & Co., the leading manufacturer of typewriters received many complaints from users about their typewriter keys sticking together if they typed too fast.  How did the company solve the problem?  They did it by finding a way to slow down the typist, by redesigning the keyboard configuration so that it would be inefficient.

For instance, the letters “O” and “I” are the third and sixth most frequently used letters in the English alphabet.  Under their new keyboard design, these letters were positioned so that the relatively weaker ring finger and little fingers had to depress them.  This extra effort took more time to type, slowed the typist down and solved the company’’ problem.

As you know, typewriters are a thing of the past. Nobody even makes them anymore, but have you noticed the keyboard on your computer?  The configuration is the same and it’s still one of the most inefficient configurations possible.  Other ways of configuring keys would be faster, allowing today’s typists to do word processing much faster and with greater efficiency.  Why, then, hasn’t it been changed?

The answer is simple.  Once people get used to something being a certain way, they resist change, even if it would make life easier.


I would add “HEALTHIER” to “easier” when it comes to the art of cleaning.

I believe this is a good explanation of why we still use chemicals to clean.

Isn’t it time to step up to the 21st century and use Steam Vapor with TANCS?

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