Cleaning Intentionally

Health Intentional Cleaning

What is health intentional cleaning?

It is Cleaning for Health or Cleaning for Appearance

Your Choice, Here is the Difference


Health Intentional Cleaning®

Cleaning performed for health purposes rather then only appearance

A cleaning regiment that can be performed in a reasonable, timely manner so as to encourage cleaning in the first place

Cleaning that disinfects or at least reduces the largest amount of the targeted bacteria in the area

Cleaning achieved without the additional spread of harmful bacteria

Cleaning performed with the fewest health risks for the cleaning personnel

Cleaning performed with respect to preserving the health of the occupants

Cleaning performed with a minimal amount of harmful residues left behind

Cleaning that helps improve indoor air quality or at the very least does not add to the deterioration of the indoor air quality

Cleaning performed with the least negative affect on the environment in general while also preserving natural resources

Cleaning performed by a qualified cleaning staff, educated in best practices for maintaining a health environment by way of proper cleaning methodology

Cleaning with results that can be scientifically measured